President's Message

I am delighted to announce that ICAP has laid the foundation of I-Thrive, the first of its kind Incubation Centre. I-Thrive would identify, incubate and nurture members, affiliates and students with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial instincts: future-leaders who will design the future of accounting and finance disciplines through technology.

I-Thrive is yet another landmark initiative of ICAP. It is a dream come true and has been made possible through concerted and consistent efforts of my Council Colleagues, Incubation Committee Members and Executives of ICAP.

I-Thrive is a unique Entrepreneurial Support Platform (ESP) that will not only help our members, affiliates and students pursue their dreams, but will also nurture them along their entrepreneurial journey. Initially housed at ICAP’s Karachi Office, this is the first of the I-Thrive ESPs to be established across Pakistan. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to develop individuals’ skills to become potential entrepreneurs, and ultimately transform their startups into sustainable businesses.

I firmly believe that Chartered Accountants, affiliates and students can benefit immensely from this initiative.

Khalilullah Shaikh, FCA